Elinchrom ELC 125 Dual Studio Monolight Kit


貨號: EL20736.2
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Key Features
  • Two 125WS ELC 125 Monolights
  • Two 90° Wide Angle Reflectors
  • Carry Case
  • 125Ws, 7-Stop Power Range
  • TTL and Manual Exposure
  • Recycling: 0.1 to 0.8 sec @ 115 VAC
  • 5-Stop Power Range, 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Integrated 20-Channel Transceiver
  • Temperature Controlled Fan Cooling
  • 20W Modeling Lamp (Equals 120W) CRI92

Elinchrom has put together this ELC 125 Dual Studio Monolight Kit to offer photographers a kit built around sophisticated fixtures loaded with advanced performance features and remote control options. The kit includes two 125Ws ELC 125 monolights, each with a 90-degree wide angle reflector. A case is also included for storage and transport.