Elinchrom Three Off Camera Flash Kit


貨號: EL20941.1
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Elinchrom Three Off Camera Flash Kit

Key features

  • More power
    With an accurate 261 Ws, the Elinchrom THREE delivers more power than what other brands pretend to have.
  • As fast as you need it to go
    With a recycling time of 1.2 sec. at full power, the Elinchrom THREE helps you get
    the best possible shots.
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery
    Enables up to 525 full-power flashes on a single charge and can be charged from
    any USB-C source without proprietery spare batteries or chargers.
  • Active charging
    Connect the Elinchrom THREE to a power source and continue shooting while
    charging regardless of the battery’s power level.
  • Multipurpose
    Equipped with a bright and high quality bi-colour continuous LED light for enhanced video
  • Touch screen interface
    Intuitive, clever, and streamlined interface designed to provide the most efficient user experience and quick set up times
  • Supreme portability
    Weighing only 1.6kg (3.6 lbs), the Elinchrom THREE is ready to travel with you anywhere and everywhere.
  •  Elinchrom OCF modifier mount
    Compatible with most Profoto bayonet light shapers and the traditional Elinchrom bayonet via the included heavy-duty adapter.
  • Sync up to 1/8000s with HSS
    Freeze motion overpower ambient light and darken backgrounds.
  •  TTL with manual lock
    Enables a quick switch from TTL to Manual without losing exposure settings.
  • Built in Bluetooth
    Adjust settings and control via the Elinchrom App and software without the need
    for the Elinchrom Bridge.