Broncolor Move 1200 L Outdoor Kit 1

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To be ready for shooting “on location” our …

To be ready for shooting “on location” our Move 1200 L power pack is available as a kit also. Handy packed in a Outdoor trolley backpack, one MobiLED lamp, Move 1200 L protective bag, one Softbox 60 x 60 cm (2 x 2 ft) as well as a daylight adapter. The Outdoor trolley backpack can be taken onboard as hand luggage.

All Move power packs are “HS” compatible if they have the software version 48.07 or later. “HS” lets you use flash in combination with shortest shutter speed settings on your camera. All you need for this is the RFS 2.2 trigger, which is available for Nikon, Canon, Sony and Fuji cameras.

1 Move 1200 L power pack
1 MobiLED lamp
1 Rechargeable lithium battery
1 Battery charger
1 Softbox 60 x 60 cm (2 x 2 ft)
1 Speed Ring broncolor for Softbox / Octabox
1 Mains cable (country-specific)
1 Move 1200 L protective bag
1 Bag for Move’s rechargeable battery
1 MobiLED daylight adapter
1 Adapter cable for Move battery and MobiLED
1 Synchronous cable 5 m (16.4 ft)
1 Outdoor trolley backpack
1 Operating instructions
1 Safety instructions