Astera Pluto RGB LED Fresnel Light


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Key Features For Studio & Film/TV Production 1750-2 …


Key Features
  • For Studio & Film/TV Production
  • 1750-20000K CCT
  • Beam Angle: 15 to 60°
  • AC & Battery Power
  • CRI 96 | TLCI 96
  • App, DMX, & Onboard Control Options
  • Adjustable Fan Cooling
  • Airline Tracks for Mounting

The Pluto RGB LED Fresnel Light from Astera fits a number of features into a compact package to give you a versatile LED fresnel with a wide array of applications. Its wide color temperature range of 1750 to 20000K with a 96 CRI, along with its beam angle range of 15 to 60°, help it meet many different needs that you might face while shooting. It is able to recreate the strength of a 300-watt tungsten light while only drawing 80 watts of power. .

Built-In Battery
The built-in battery allows the light to run for 3 hours at maximum power, while a Seamless Runtime mode further extends this time to 20 hours. The internal battery can also be charged by external batteries when connected.
Control Options
Your light can be controlled via the AsteraApp, the on-board control panel, as well as wired or wireless DMX. This allows for a wide array of options when setting up or adjusting your lighting on the fly for maximum versatility and convenience.
A quick release yoke makes it easy to mount and unmount your light at your convenience, while the detachable handle makes for even easier maneuvering when unmounted or being adjusted. Additional fold-out legs on the yoke allow for creative approaches to your light placement. The special Airline Tracks on all four sides of the light help with quick adjustment and mounting of your light as well as other Astera accessories (available separately). The yoke also features a mount for Astera’s RuntimeExtender plate so you can attach an external battery to your light. An included TVMP adapter allows for mounting to light stands.
Adjustable Fan
An adjustable fan with three speeds helps prevent the light from overheating. When the fan is turned off completely the light will only adjust its brightness if it senses a rise above safe temperatures, allowing for consistent lighting even with silent shooting.
Additional Features
  • Flicker-free LED engine
  • Green/magenta correction
  • Special EffectsTalkback+ for DMX profiles and separate light detection